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What is the general cost for a Living Trust?

Generally a complete estate plan will consist of at least the Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management and the Advanced Directive for Health Care, and for these documents, my office generally charges $2,500, plus $100 per Grant Deed which we will have recorded in the County Recorder's Office for you. Beware of Living Trusts being offered for much less because estate planning, which consists literally of the disposition of all your hard earned assets to your chosen beneficiaries, is not a subject to be "penny wise and pound foolish" with. I have done considerable trust litigation for clients who come to me with Trusts which are deficient in their drafting, and most often these are the Trusts which the creator tried to save a few hundred dollars. Ironically, trying to save a few hundred dollars in estate planning can ultimately cost tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, in lost opportunities to save estate taxes and in attorneys fees where Trust litigation results. The bottom line is that, given the importance of estate planning, you should be comfortable with the qualifications of the attorney who is drafting your estate plan.